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Rolex Classic Explorer oyster 36 M unboxing

The table is 22 years in August to mention, when the counter small sister sent a message to 36 steel models tan a, between the gold tan a, and blue plate milgauss, can be public price to mention, consider the 3 minutes, choose the 36 steel models tan a.

Before sending a single red sea make unboxing, but the thickness of the single red sea make is more touching, daily wear slightly inconvenient, my work environment is not the kind of pure office, inevitably bump, so I have always wanted to enter a piece of suitable for daily wear.
And to go to the customer side of the words to low-key some, so the goal has been locked in the GMT water ghost, explorer series, the new air bar this kind of steel models, GMT water ghost to start the difficulty we all know, after all, the table is not a necessity, I do not want to super public price into, so slowly wait.

In the store just see the tan a physical when the first feeling is that the watch is so small, my wrist circumference of 18.5, wearing hands is a little on the small side, but a few months down, comfort really surprisingly good, weight is not heavy, wearing time will ignore his existence, is not any foreign body feeling, the dial also belongs to a very durable kind, replica rolex oyster perpetual a small very delicate feeling.
Two manuals in English and Chinese, but the big three hands still need to read the manual?
Open, a small table is lying inside
Black dial is a very pure black, can not see the reflection of the lacquer plate, but also can not see the sense of frosted particles

Side view thickness is very suitable for daily wear, when taking pictures there are still some film not torn clean

Open the bracelet, there is a safety clasp, this is better, the bracelet extension system is simple, can only be extended by 5mm, can not have a larger and more delicate adjustment range like diving watches

The following hands on the photo to see

Side view is very thin and light, very suitable for daily wear

On a wrist circumference of 18.5, it’s not as small as I thought, and the bracelet is not disassembled, so my wrist actually needs to explore a full-length bracelet.
Summer with a full-length bracelet is just right, if hot, the replica explorer bracelet extension open, winter with a slightly loose some

Take the sea to make a comparison, the size difference is still very big, after all, a 43 a 36

Thickness difference is huge

The back side can clearly feel the Tangyi bracelet is much narrower

The sea makes the strap adjustment personal prefer, adjustment range is very large, summer sweat can be properly adjusted a little loose breathable

And the sea make there is a section of the strap can be unfolded, the length of this section is equivalent to the ordinary two sections of the strap

The sea ambassador hands on photo

Thick and large, my wrist can still hold

I’m going to go off-topic, and finally, I’ll take a few photos of my daily wear, taken on my cell phone, sorry for the quality

The luminous is perfect, very symmetrical, 12 positions are there, OCD gospel

Bought a watch stand to put next to the sink

Once shopping, the store also saw the discontinued 41 constant motion coral red, the first time to see the real thing, the dial color is very good, how to describe it, red is not as bright as the online photos, very thick and positive coral red

Low-key practical, comfortable to wear, classic and durable, these three points are my summary of the tan one.
There are friends who like to start, now should be able to take the public price.
Finally, I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year and a great year of the rabbit!

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Oyster Perpetual 36 TIFFBLUE

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 TIFFBLUE A heritage of Rolex colour finishes

In September 2020 Rolex launched the new 41 Submariner collection, and at the same time launched the new Oyster Perpetual.
The new Oyster Perpetual was an instant hit with the market, as many brightly coloured dials were available.
So much so that some specific colours immediately exceeded the price by over 50%.
Looking back at the history of the brand, there have been many colour dials.
The classic Oyster Perpetual Day-Date from the 1980s was available in a number of beautiful colours, although the technique used at the time was different from the current model.
The enamelled surface, called Stella, was used on the dials. However, the enamelled surfaces were prone to chipping and could not be knocked.
It was not until 2013 that Lau launched the Day-Date (36mm) in six colours with a new lacquer technique instead of enamel.
The new DD colours were not popular and the price was rather average.
Back to the new Oyster Perpetual, this time available in 5 sizes 41 36 34 31 28.
Personally, I prefer the 41 or the 36, as each one comes in 7 different colours.
I have purchased the TIFFBLUE and after the rant, here are the pictures.
The box is not very different from the old one.

No date setting Simple surface and easy to read

Classic Oyster case

Non-double locking clasp strap

Opens with a straightforward clasp

Strap is rounded and polished Clean

Moving on to the dial

Compare it with the 40mm Daytona

Excellent luminous effect

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ROLEX Batgirl (Batman) 126710BLNR

I guess this is an unexpected unboxing post. The first is that I didn’t expect to get this watch so quickly, as a new client with no purchase history at all buyer, only waited 19 days to get it, and I was once ready to queue up for two years, ah; second, the original also did not intend to post, buy the watch the night of the photo happened to use the astronaut watch stand, and the next day at noon saw the news breaking news Shenzhou 13 successfully launched into space, the three astronauts behind the successful stay on the space station. And the next day at noon saw the major news breaking news Shenzhou 13 successfully launched into space, three astronauts behind also successfully moved into the sky and space station, really too let people feel proud! Since it is such a coincidence and such a good thing, coupled with other recent happy events (1. As a classical music fan, the Boston Symphony Orchestra finally met again after 18 months, with a reopening concert featuring the 89-year-old John Wiliams and the best violinist in the world today, Anne-Sophie Mutter. (As a Mutter fan, I went to all three performances and got Mutter’s autograph and photo, which was a real treat. 2.) The Boston Marathon was back on, and I completed my first marathon, which was a real cause for celebration! So just a post to remember!

It is said that to make something meaningful you need a story, so I’ll tell you more about the whole process of buying a watch. I’m not a watch fan or collector, and I’ve paid little attention to it before, but I was also under the influence of CHH’s various unboxings, and as I was over 30, I felt I could really use a better watch, so in February 2020 I asked under the Prominence Watch God’s ‘Practical Choice Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5164/A So in February 2020, I asked a question under the Prominence Watch God’s ‘Practical Choice Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5164/A’ thread, and received enthusiastic replies from the gods and several other forum members, and checked it out myself. After a year, I went to a watch shop in February this year, and chose my birthday to choose a watch, and finally chose the Rolex Blue Face Log.
The story is that there must be some ups and downs, before the AD said about 3 months watch will arrive, then think about three months can also wait, so still quite happy to pay the deposit. The AD was very polite and apologized to me, saying that a month ago a watch did come in but it was given to someone else and that the next one would be mine. He then explained that the watch market was crazy and they were running out of stock, although I was not happy about it, I did see that the counter was empty and there were quite a few watches in February. When I got back, I checked online and realised that this market is really crazy… I think it’s a good thing I paid the deposit before, at least I don’t have to worry about going to the grey market to buy it at a high price.
The story is that two ups and downs are not enough. One day in August, I came home to find a letter in my mailbox with a cheque inside. This… It was a clear breach of contract and the return of the deposit should have been accompanied by 6 months of interest on the deposit. I called the next day with the same explanation that they were no longer accepting deposit, but that I was still on their waiting list and should be arriving soon. It’s a good idea to believe you when things have come to this point. I found that there was a ‘Rolex Forums’ forum on the foreign side, which was also full of complaints about the watch market, and then I saw a post from someone who said that a Rolex Boutique had just opened in Boston, and that the supply of watches was okay. After that, I didn’t go there because I was travelling and I didn’t care too much after I came back.
On the last Sunday of September, I had a brunch with a friend and it just happened to be nearby, so I thought I’d go in and have a look around, there were indeed more watches in this shop, most of them were women’s watches and some men’s watches. I talked to the AD about the watches I was interested in, including the Blue Face Log and the Blue and Black GMT (the GMT’s blue and black is my favourite colour combination, and I fell in love with it right away, but the GMT was too popular, and the online discussion and secondary market prices made me not hold any hope, but since I asked, I said so), and then talked about the twists and turns of my previous watch purchase. After listening to my story, I felt that the AD seemed to have become more serious, knowing that at the beginning, after listening to the watch I was interested in, he directly said that the logbook would probably need to wait for many months, and then even the explorer was super popular, the GMT was even more impossible. I told him I lived in Boston and worked in Boston and it was only 10 minutes away. Then I mentioned my workplace and occupation to make sure I was a local person. I left my contact details and the AD showed me around the shop briefly, so I left. Since the salesman said they don’t take deposits and don’t have a waiting list (who believes that?), I thought it was pointless to stay any longer. I thought there was no point in staying any longer, so I didn’t hold out much hope and waited.

The final turn of events was after the 14th noon, the AD contacted me, and now (actually, two days ago…) I have some great news that should put a huge smile on your face. We just received a GMT black and blue on a jubilee bracelet this morning. We can certainly wait for the Datejust 36 or if you have interest in this model you can put it on your wrist as early as you can get here. I thought that GMTs were very difficult to get and that you would have to wait two or three years to get one. Well, of course you do. I have to mention one detail, I told him that I didn’t have time right now and that I would have to wait until around 3:30 pm. This situation is a bit different from the description on the Internet, but it is not usually reserved. I thought I’d better be safe and make an appointment for 4pm. The AD said he was very grateful for the work I was doing – saving cancer patients – so he felt he had to let me buy the watch I wanted as a token of his appreciation for our work. To be honest, I was a bit flattered, as we usually have the occasional patient or someone we have interacted with who will make a few remarks, but it was a bit unexpected to encounter such a person buying a watch. So I can understand and thank them for letting me get my watch so quickly! I could only give a few more details about the job and then I made a few remarks… And it caused me to forget to take out my phone to take pictures of the watch out of the box later …… Good thing I didn’t forget to tell AD not to forget my blue dial DateJust as I was leaving ……

I’ve been talking too much for a while now, so I’m finally ready for the official unboxing!

The Fake Rolex GMT-Master II, or Greenwich II, has a dual time zone (or triple time zone) as its main function, which is just about as useful to me as a dual time zone. The original GMT was designed and launched in 1955 by Rolex and Pan Am, and the current model II was introduced in 1982. The red and blue circle pepsi is definitely the hottest at the moment, but I prefer the blue and black to the red and blue, not only is the blue and black my favourite colour, but the red would feel too flirty to me, while the blue and black colour scheme would look more understated and cooler to me. The blue and black ring is commonly known as Batman, but here’s a little tidbit, when I told AD that this was the batman I wanted, AD told me that the nickname of the five baht chain was Batgirl… Here are a few pictures of Batgirl and Batman, what do you like to call them…

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Rolex GMT Master II 126711CHNR “root beer” in rose gold

Watch shopping

A few months ago I had the idea of trying out some high-end or precious metal models. Of course the first thing I wanted was an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, but the case was too big for my wrist after having the 15500 in my hands, and now that Audemars Piguet is trying to tighten up the number of authorized shops, getting a popular steel model at AP Boutique is completely out of the realm of most people, and my favourite 15202 Jumbo is still too far away. The 15202 Jumbo is still too far away.

Then I started to consider Lange & Söhne, Breguet and other simple three-handed watches in precious metal for formal wear, but as I don’t wear formal wear or even shirts, and these kinds of watches are more restrained on the wrist, I need to dress to match them to achieve the desired effect, so after I put it on my hand it’s not at all the deep old man feel I thought it would be …… So that’s it.

Continue to play with Rolex? I’ve already got the Logbook, Diver and Chronograph, and I like the Explorer and GMT, but I’ve tried on the Explorer before and given up on it: I wasn’t very impressed with the Explorer I, although the history, workmanship and fit were perfect, but I didn’t feel the urge to take it off; I liked the Explorer II Polar, but I gave it up because it was too big. Very good series, used to own the old aluminum pepsi circle, ceramic new model is very good but very hot and hard to buy, even Dufour old gentleman have to queue a little …… At the same time and the new batman, pepsi in 2018 Baselworld together with the launch of the root beer, then the impression is quite good, slowly to now like the degree is unabated. Unlike the traditional inter-gold Rolex vibe, the chocolate colour with black ceramic bezel and rose gold made perfect sense together and satisfied my desire for a precious metal, so I contacted the sales at the familiar counter. The sales recently called to say that the polar tan II had arrived and asked if I wanted it, I of course replied that I should continue to wait for GMT,fake rolex watches then he replied that the root beer had also arrived …… So on the eve of all the shops closing due to the epidemic, I got my first ceramic GMT in my life.


Since Rolex launched the first GMT Master in 1954, the series is now one of the most sought-after sports Rolexes thanks to its interesting two-tone bezel and practical functions. 2018’s new 126711Chnr is a modern take on the vintage Rolex 1675 root beer, with a more restrained and understated look than the old model. The suffix Chnr here stands for Chocolat/Noir (chocolate and black – chocolate and black), the familiar Blackwater LN for Lunette/Noir (black bezel – black outer ring) and the Pepsi ring Blro for Bleu/Rouge (blue and red – red and blue) ……

The yellow and chocolate coloured bezel with a gold centre chain adds to the ‘gold flavour’ of the old model, which is not so easy for youngsters to handle.

It is hard to imagine that brown could have anything to do with a good-looking sports watch, but the rose gold gives it a harmoniously warm effect, while the gold is also very restrained. The rose gold numerals on the ceramic bezel are also less contrasting than the white on the solid steel model, making them visually more elegant

The warm tones also give this modern GMT a surprisingly antique flavour, as in the case of the first GMT ref. 6542 pictured above, where the luminescence has deteriorated to a yellowish paste as the bezel has aged, although the physical differences between the two are strikingly similar

The hands and indexes of the dial are also made of the same rose gold as the case, and the rose gold-coloured “GMT – MASTER II” inscription matches the overall colour scheme.

The colour of the ceramic bezel is clearly defined, thanks to the relative ease of firing the black colour. A comparison between the blue of the batman and the pepsi shows that the blue of the former is better, while the latter has a red tinge to it and a blue tinge to the red, but this is an improvement on the earlier ones and I believe Rolex will slowly address this issue

The new small crown at six o’clock represents the 32 series movement on board.

The new 3285 calibre uses an improved escapement, which Rolex calls the Chronerg (above, left, traditional escapement, right, new escapement for the 3285 calibre): the size of the jewel jaws has been reduced, the shape of the jaws changed and the escapement wheel skeletonised to improve transmission efficiency. The addition of a thinner barrel metal allows for a power reserve of 70 hours in a single barrel. Although this standard is no longer industry-leading, with an error of just plus or minus 2 seconds, the 3285 calibre is definitely a top performer!

Slightly thinner on the sides than the Aquatimer and with slightly thinner legs

The blue Chormalight luminescence ensures that the time is read in low light. I have to admit that the DeTonnas struggle to read the time in the dark on international flights, which is what the GMT needs to ensure as a travel watch.


Unlike the yellow inter-gold sports models (the inter-gold Aquaman and the inter-gold Sea Messenger), the two-tone ceramic bezel plus rose gold, the mildly toned root beer is not overly attractive, while the same time gold gives it the weight of a precious metal in the hand and makes it a very satisfying watch to wear, making it one of the rare secondary market overpriced inter-gold models that is well worth considering in the fake Rolex GMT collection.

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Buy Rolex Sky-Dweller watches replica

Becoming a beginner is no easy task. The Sky-Dweller is the newest addition to the Rolex catalog, so earning the widespread respect a Rolex deserves takes twice as much effort as a mature brother. Moreover, with the passage of time, it seemed time to embrace the Rolex Sky-Dweller.

Today, the stainless steel Sky Dweller with blue dial is one of the most popular models in the entire Rolex catalog, with used samples selling for much more than the original retail price. It has been. With that in mind, and given the fanfare and craziness that usually accompanies the release of a new replica rolex watches , why did it take so long for the Natural Pox White to spread its wings?

It’s hard to criticize the replica rolex sky dweller watches aesthetic design. (Always) everything about the brand. It looked like a Rolex from the start, but for some reason it didn’t get the immediate impact the brand expected.

The latest additions to the Rolex menswear catalogue include the Yachtmaster II (2007), Deepsea (2008), Datejust II (2009) and Sky Dweller (2012). The Datejust II is intended to be a modernized version of the Datejust, while the Deepsea is intended to add more sizes to the Sea Dueler range. The Yachtmaster II and Sky-Dweller stand out for their incredible complexity.

There are clocks in the world that are much more complex than these two models, but it’s important to Rolex that these types of clocks are usually focused on performing simple tasks as efficiently as possible. Very special. Due to the complexity of the Yacht-Master II, those designing specifically for the Yacht-Master II may need to have the YMII Regatta Guide on hand.

At the same time, the replica rolex uk has undergone a complex history of complications to make it easy to read and navigate. Despite an incredible effort, initial reactions were mixed. The Sky-Dweller’s technology was rarely used, but the first version of the watch was criticized for its cumbersome dial and the staggering price one would expect from a sturdy 18-karat gold Rolex.

When the replica rolex watches first appeared, the dial was offered in 18k, white or rose gold, and Arabic or Roman numerals. A few years later, Rolex added two shade options to the collection and updated the dial with luminous batons for a more modern look. And, unlike many other Rolex watches, the Sky-Dweller is only available with a three-link Oyster or leather strap. Some fans may prefer the Jubilee option, but it hasn’t been added yet.

Interestingly, unlike the Yachtmaster II, the Sky-Dweller ring bezel is made of solid gold with grooves and is also denoted by solid gold on the stainless steel model (both bezels are 18k). As it is platinum, it is actually considered a White Rolesor model. Sky-Dweller’s height movement and large 42mm size also make this watch a professional series. However, its overall aesthetic is more in line with Rolex’s Classic line. Generally speaking, the Rolex Sky-Dweller can be seen as a cross between the GMT-Master II and the Day-Date President.

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Buy Rolex Datejust watches replica online

The Rolex Datejust stunned luxury watch enthusiasts and collectors alike when it was introduced in 1945. It featured all the cutting-edge innovations that Swiss watchmakers had developed for their watches up to that point, including the date display in the 3 o’clock window. With the date automatically switching at midnight, this was a huge hit in the watch world. To do this, Rolex equipped the movement with intermediate wheels. These tighten the spring mechanism to precisely advance the date disc. And, if you’re wondering why it’s called the DateJust, you’ve guessed it – it has an “instant” date switch in time.

Are you a fan of this piece, especially the Oyster Perpetual DateJust 41, then read on and we’ll explore every nook and cranny of it.

The new self-winding Calibre 3235 is equipped with a fingertip that powers the DateJust 41. It allows you to reset the date manually and quickly when you need it. All you have to do is pull the crown out to the middle position. Then, turn it counterclockwise to advance the date precisely and smoothly. replica rolex datejust watches has indeed made an ergonomic advancement with this movement, as the interface for enabling manual adjustments is immediately visible.

The back of the DateJust 41’s case is nothing special. It conceals the caliber 3235, which has all the refined characteristics of a replica rolex watches in-house movement. It has a distinctive shape and is equipped with a gold-plated cover in the self-winding mechanism, aligned bridges and a red countersink wheel. It also features subtle finishing touches, such as polished heads on the screws, brushed matte components, a sunrise pattern and some beveled edges.

The watch’s Twinlock system subtly interacts with the Oyster case. As a result, the DateJust 41 has a compressive strength of up to 10 bar, which corresponds to 100 meters below the water’s surface. To ensure watertightness, it also comes with two insulators: one located inside the tube and the other firmly positioned on top of the winding.

This is also the case with the replica rolex uk logo capped on the dial. If you value comfort and style, the wristband will never let you down. That’s because it fits flawlessly in the newly designed links that are securely fastened between the lugs. Indeed, the three-row bracelet is striking because it includes solid as well as partially satin-finished and partially polished elements made from 904L stainless steel. Most of these parts are elegantly screwed together near the clasp to allow for easy adjustment of the bracelet’s length.

The new or pre-owned Rolex DateJust 41 is perfect for those who value precision, style and comfort. Since its release, this legendary icon has been found on the wrists of celebrities and celebs alike. If you’ve dreamed of owning it, you’ve come to the right place. At Time 4 Diamonds, we are proud to offer a huge variety of new, pre-owned and custom Rolex DateJust 41 models that will suit your needs, tastes and budget.

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Buy Rolex Datejust 126300 replica watch on line

When Rolex created the first Oyster case in 1926, it was a pivotal moment in watchmaking history. The patented system enabled the brand to produce the first water-resistant watch. The Oyster Perpetual was officially introduced in 1931, a few years later. The models were the Rolex brand’s bread and butter. They embodied a passion for innovation and a commitment to good design. Overall, the Oyster Perpetual is a collection that is simple, straightforward and powerful. Make sure to buy a Rolex Oyster Perpetual hand watch. Here you will find a selection of pre-owned Rolex Oyster Perpetual hand watches.

Light reflections on the sides and lugs of the case highlight the elegant 41mm Oyster case and smooth bezel. Aesthetically, the Datejust is one of the most recognized and approved timepieces with a permanent cord that makes it timeless! The replica rolex watches dial is the primary method used by the watchmaking industry to obtain a purely metallic dial (such as silver-gray, rhodium and ruthenium), especially in traditional versions.

The sunray treatment of Rolex dials is the main method used by the watchmaking industry to obtain pure metallic dials such as silver-gray, rhodium and ruthenium. Silver plating is mainly used as a base layer for the Sunray finish to add more colour to the prepared dial. Sometimes a champagne-like color can be obtained by plating with more than six different metals.

Rolex uses Oystersteel in its steel cases. Oystersteel is made by the brand exclusively for Developed and belongs to the 904L steel family. It is the most commonly used alloy in the high-tech, aerospace and chemical industries, where maximum corrosion resistance is essential. Oyster steel is extremely resistant and once polished, it will provide an outstanding finish and maintain its beauty in the harshest of environments.

The Oyster bracelet is the perfect alchemy of form and function, aesthetics and technology, durable and comfortable. It is equipped with an Oyster clasp and an Easylink comfort extension link, which is also exclusive to replica rolex oyster perpetual watches . This ingenious system allows the wearer to extend the length of the bracelet by approximately 5 mm, thus providing comfort in any situation.

The Cyclops lens is one of the most unique and prominent features of the Rolex. Named after the one-eyed giant in Greek mythology, the Cyclops lens magnifies the iconic date display on the clock by 2.5 times, making it more Easy to read. Behind the Cyclops is a history of invention, research and development, an endless quest for perfection and all the functions of a fake rolex watches .

The Rolex collection matches classic and professional watches in a variety of materials, dials, bracelets and sizes to suit the Each wrist and style.

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Buy a replica Rolex Day-Date Watch online

The date of the week model comes with a special triple-knot bracelet for 36 mm, which can be worn by men and women, or by couples. replica Rolex Day-Date watch now calls it the “Führer” chain, but it wasn’t always called the Führer chain, even more so than the “Führer” chain. The nickname “watch” came much later, in 1966, when luxury high configuration rolex watch is said to have designed an advertising poster that first included the “Führer” model. This design was then officially known as the “Führer” bracelet.

The EW Day-Date triangle-shaped bezel and the matte and polished Führer-type bracelet invisibly bring out the nobility of the precious metal. Luxurious textures pushed to the limit, replica Rolex watches also began experimenting with gemstone dials, diamonds and gemstones in the late 1990s. In 2000, the first version in pink gold was introduced. The calendar model began with a diameter of 36 mm, but over the years, details changed and evolved to include the 41, 40 and 40 mm models. The most popular models at the moment would have to be the 36mm green dial (in white or rose gold) and the blue dial in white.

By far the most popular models are the 36 mm green dial (white or rose gold) and the blue dial white. The yellow gold model, the 36mm green model released in 2013, was one of the main colors of the watch until the last few years. All deeply loved.

Dial in 18ct gold set with Swarovski diamonds and baguette-cut diamonds at 6 and 9 o’clock.

Oyster case structure with integrated middle case, screw-down caseback and winding crown. 3.

Dimensions and thickness: 36 mm in diameter and 12 mm thick.

  1. Equipped with 3255 automatic. 4. 3255 automatic movement, fast-adjusting instantaneous jumping day calendar, 1 Field Time, thickness and structure synchronized with the original.

Date display window at 3 o’clock, fan-shaped day of the week window at 12 o’clock and large crown inlays, classic trapezoidal hands. The mirror “blisters” and other elements, after the passage of time is still classic and durable.

In addition, the mother-of-pearl face plate design of small pink, dove gray, as well as turquoise face plate style, are very suitable for women to wear, and the small mother-of-pearl face plate design of small pink, dove gray, as well as turquoise face plate style, are very suitable for women to wear. The actual fact is that you will be able to find a lot of people who have a lot of money to spend on your own personal business.

The other thing is, should I choose a belt or a chain? I like the style of chains, mainly because I think it’s a good deal, especially the day of the week calendar type is called the “ luxury rolex watch ” type of chains, solid. The design of the chain tries to test the fit of the wrist. Usually the design with more knots is smoother and easier to wear. The firmness of the buckle and the smoothness of the fit, is quite satisfied, especially the clasp that small crown is very cute.

The clasp is the same as the original with a spring inside, and the shape of the small crown is also restored vividly. The inner part of the watch is engraved by laser, just like the original, and the surface is polished, which shows the EW factory’s details are in place.