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Oyster Perpetual 36 TIFFBLUE

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 TIFFBLUE A heritage of Rolex colour finishes

In September 2020 Rolex launched the new 41 Submariner collection, and at the same time launched the new Oyster Perpetual.
The new Oyster Perpetual was an instant hit with the market, as many brightly coloured dials were available.
So much so that some specific colours immediately exceeded the price by over 50%.
Looking back at the history of the brand, there have been many colour dials.
The classic Oyster Perpetual Day-Date from the 1980s was available in a number of beautiful colours, although the technique used at the time was different from the current model.
The enamelled surface, called Stella, was used on the dials. However, the enamelled surfaces were prone to chipping and could not be knocked.
It was not until 2013 that Lau launched the Day-Date (36mm) in six colours with a new lacquer technique instead of enamel.
The new DD colours were not popular and the price was rather average.
Back to the new Oyster Perpetual, this time available in 5 sizes 41 36 34 31 28.
Personally, I prefer the 41 or the 36, as each one comes in 7 different colours.
I have purchased the TIFFBLUE and after the rant, here are the pictures.
The box is not very different from the old one.

No date setting Simple surface and easy to read

Classic Oyster case

Non-double locking clasp strap

Opens with a straightforward clasp

Strap is rounded and polished Clean

Moving on to the dial

Compare it with the 40mm Daytona

Excellent luminous effect