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Rolex Classic Explorer oyster 36 M unboxing

The table is 22 years in August to mention, when the counter small sister sent a message to 36 steel models tan a, between the gold tan a, and blue plate milgauss, can be public price to mention, consider the 3 minutes, choose the 36 steel models tan a.

Before sending a single red sea make unboxing, but the thickness of the single red sea make is more touching, daily wear slightly inconvenient, my work environment is not the kind of pure office, inevitably bump, so I have always wanted to enter a piece of suitable for daily wear.
And to go to the customer side of the words to low-key some, so the goal has been locked in the GMT water ghost, explorer series, the new air bar this kind of steel models, GMT water ghost to start the difficulty we all know, after all, the table is not a necessity, I do not want to super public price into, so slowly wait.

In the store just see the tan a physical when the first feeling is that the watch is so small, my wrist circumference of 18.5, wearing hands is a little on the small side, but a few months down, comfort really surprisingly good, weight is not heavy, wearing time will ignore his existence, is not any foreign body feeling, the dial also belongs to a very durable kind, replica rolex oyster perpetual a small very delicate feeling.
Two manuals in English and Chinese, but the big three hands still need to read the manual?
Open, a small table is lying inside
Black dial is a very pure black, can not see the reflection of the lacquer plate, but also can not see the sense of frosted particles

Side view thickness is very suitable for daily wear, when taking pictures there are still some film not torn clean

Open the bracelet, there is a safety clasp, this is better, the bracelet extension system is simple, can only be extended by 5mm, can not have a larger and more delicate adjustment range like diving watches

The following hands on the photo to see

Side view is very thin and light, very suitable for daily wear

On a wrist circumference of 18.5, it’s not as small as I thought, and the bracelet is not disassembled, so my wrist actually needs to explore a full-length bracelet.
Summer with a full-length bracelet is just right, if hot, the replica explorer bracelet extension open, winter with a slightly loose some

Take the sea to make a comparison, the size difference is still very big, after all, a 43 a 36

Thickness difference is huge

The back side can clearly feel the Tangyi bracelet is much narrower

The sea makes the strap adjustment personal prefer, adjustment range is very large, summer sweat can be properly adjusted a little loose breathable

And the sea make there is a section of the strap can be unfolded, the length of this section is equivalent to the ordinary two sections of the strap

The sea ambassador hands on photo

Thick and large, my wrist can still hold

I’m going to go off-topic, and finally, I’ll take a few photos of my daily wear, taken on my cell phone, sorry for the quality

The luminous is perfect, very symmetrical, 12 positions are there, OCD gospel

Bought a watch stand to put next to the sink

Once shopping, the store also saw the discontinued 41 constant motion coral red, the first time to see the real thing, the dial color is very good, how to describe it, red is not as bright as the online photos, very thick and positive coral red

Low-key practical, comfortable to wear, classic and durable, these three points are my summary of the tan one.
There are friends who like to start, now should be able to take the public price.
Finally, I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year and a great year of the rabbit!